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All Around Triple Bracelet

With the growing popularity of the Rainbow Loom, Cra-Z-Loom, bandaloom and FunLoom, and more recently, the Wonder Loom, there are a number of instructional tutorials to help with creating beautiful jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, rings and hairclips. The goal of this mobile friendly website is to provide a consolidated collection of all the unique patterns, with the goal of providing a consistent method of teaching for those patterns. We will have classified the patterns into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

We have an extensive collection of unique and searchable patterns, and links to instructions on how to create the pattern (primarily on youtube) in video format.

All our videos and instructions have a consistent look and feel. When you get to the pattern details pages of our site, you will find an image of the pattern, a list of the supplies required (number of elastics, colors of the elastics), and the video, in youtube format.

Our videos start with a presentation of the pattern, followed by the parts list, then a video from start to finish on how to create the pattern. Within our videos, we offer narration, and written instructions to accompany the video. Below the video, we have Step-by-Step instructions on what you will see in the video. When there are repetitive tasks, we speed up the video, which helps with the preview of the patterns.

The patterns we offer on our site are all unique. Many patterns one finds on other sites could be the same pattern, but when they change the colors, they call it something else. This leads people to believe it is a unique pattern.

We specialize in patterns and designs for the Rainbow Loom, Cra-Z-Loom, bandaloom, Wonder Loom and FunLoom. Check out the Patterns area for beginner, intermediate and advanced patterns.

A Collection of Bracelets and Rings

Collection of Bracelets

Here is a collection of various bracelets and rings made at a rainbow loom club held at a local school. This kids had a chance to share their favorite patterns with the other participants. As you can see, combining beads and letters give the bracelets an extra special personal touch. Way to go kids

Olympic Tribute

Rainbow Loom Olympic Rings

Celebrating the Olympics in Rio with this animated gif. The rings were made using the 4 Pin Fishtail pattern, except only one color was used in each bracelet, or in this case, ring. Go Olympians ! ! ! We are proud of you ! ! !

Happy Holidays

Rainbow Loom Kit

From all of us at Rainbowloompatterns.com, we wish everyone a festive and super holiday season. If you receive a Loom for Christmas, fantastic! It is a fun hobby, and a gift which allows you to create gifts of your own. Enjoy your loom, and if you need some ideas for patterns, check out our pattern area.

Back to School

Rainbow Loom Kit

Back to School, back with your class-mates. A time to learn, and finishing up some homework. Once your homework is out of the way, if you are looking for something to do, look no further than to your loom. Which loom do you have? There are over 27 different varieties to choose from. Click the one on the left to see all the Tools of the Trade.

Summer Holidays are Here

Fishtail Bracelet

The kids will be off school in a little while, enjoying the summer holidays. Keep them occupied. Enjoy the outdoors, do physical activities, do all the things you enjoy in the summer. When it is too hot, or miserable outside, stay occupied indoors. Do some art, indoor projects, and perhaps try a few different patterns on your loom. Looming can be done anywhere - outside or inside. Enjoy the Summer Holidays! ! !

Merry Christmas!

Rainbow Loom Kit

All of us at Rainbow Loom Patterns would like to wish you and your family a fantastic holiday season! Enjoy making loom patterns! Bracelets are a joy to make, and a joy to receive. And what else would make a great gift, but a loom, or perhaps a second loom for those more complicated patterns. Check out different options for a second loom (See More ...)

Loom Clips Videos

Loom Clips and Alternatives

We have added a 9 new videos! These instructional videos are not of patterns, but different methods to closing off your finished pattern. Running out of Clips? No problem, there are alternatives to Loom Clips.(See More ...)

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