Raindrops Bracelet


Skill Level: Intermediate

Supplies Required: 26 White, 12 Red, 12 Pink, 1 Clip, 0 to 8 elastics for extension

Description: This is a nice looking bracelet. The elastic bands create a raindrop pattern. The raindrops also look like hearts, so this is a good bracelet for valentine's day as well. This bracelet has 2 drops on each link, so use your creativity by changing the color sequences to make bracelets unique.

A picture of the Raindrops Bracelet

Rainbow Loom Patterns - Raindrops bracelet

A video tutorial to make the Raindrops Bracelet

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Raindrops Bracelet

1) Raindrops

2) 26 White Elastics, 12 Red Elastics, 12 Pink Elastics, 1 Clip

3) Position loom so arrow is pointing up

4) Place the bottom 2 white elastics in a "\/" shape

5) Repeat the following until also to the top of the loom:

- Red on center

- Pink on center on top of the red

- White along the left

- White along the right

6) Place last 2 White elastics in a "/\"

7) Then place the last red and pink elastics

8) Now double-up a white elastic and place it on the top center peg

9) Turn loom so arrows are pointing down

10) Loop the pink and red elastics upwards

11) Loop the white elastic to the left, and the other white to the right 12) Loop the next 2 white elastics upwards

13) Loop the remaining as follows:

- Pink from center to the left

- Red from center to the right

- left white to upper peg

- right white to upper peg

.... repeat

14) Place the loom tool through the elastics on the top center peg

15) Place a white elastic onto the hook, and pull through, looping the other end onto the tool

16) Carefully, pull the pattern completely from the loom

17) Rotate the loom so the arrows are pointing up, and place the extension elastics

18) Remove the pattern from the tool, and place onto top pegs of the extension

19) Rotate loom so arrows are pointing down, and loop the extension

20) Attach the Clip to the top loop of the extension, and pull extension from the loom

21) Attach the other end of the pattern onto the Clip

22) Raindrops