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Loom Kits

The makers of the WonderLoom have come out with another loom product called the HandyLoom. Additional information about this loom, and 25 other looms can be found on our Loom Kits page.(See More ...)

Rubber Bands

Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands Assorted

The most important tool of the trade you will need when creating your elastic band jewelry is, of course, rubber bands or elastic bands. There are 100s of different elastic bands to choose from. Manufacturers of rubber bands used for looming are also making unique properties which loomers really like. Check out our article about Rubber Bands.(See More ...)

Storage Cases

Loom Storage Case 1

Another tool of the trade you will need when creating your elastic band jewelry is a storage case. There are 100s of storage cases to choose from, some of which are free, or cost very little. Some are made specifically for loom products, and others are general storage cases which can be found at many hardware stores. (See More ...)

Looms, Looms and more Looms

Loom Design Studio

One of the first tools you will need when creating your elastic band jewelry is a loom kit. There are over 23 Loom kits to choose from. We will compare the Rainbow Loom, Rainbow Loom Upgrade Hit, Monster Tail, Wonder Loom, Deluxe Combo Loom, Loomy Loom, DIY Loom Bands, Deluxe Magic Loom, Cra-Z-Loom, Fun Loom, Loom Bands, Loom Design Studio, Fashion Loom, Imagination Bands, Magical Loom, Rainbow Bands, Friendship Loom, Creative Mates Rainbow Bands, Band-It, Bandaloom, Cool Loom and Clones. (See More ...)

July 4th - Independence Day

Zig Zag

Independence Day is tomorrow. Celebrate the holiday by relaxing and creating a patriotic bracelet, something with perhaps a bit of Red, White and Blue? The Zig Zag is such a bracelet. Be creative with the Red, White and Blue colors. A Triple single in Red, White and Blue would also look patriotic too.

Happy Independence day America ! ! !"

Wonder Loom

Wonder Loom

Another Loom product can be found on the shelves of your local Wal-Mart stores. The Wonder Loom, manufactured by The Beadery, is very similar to the Original Rainbow Loom, with 39 PINs and comes with 600 elastic bands. All the patterns we have on our site can be made on the Wonder Loom. Additional information about the other loom products can be found on our about us page, under the supplies section.

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