Starburst Bracelet


Skill Level: Advanced

Supplies Required: 27 White, 6 Red, 6 Orange, 6 Yellow, 6 Green, 6 Blue, 6 Purple, 0-8 White for extension, 1 Clip

Description: An unique flower or starburst pattern. This pattern is probably the most popular pattern on the internet. Because each cluster is a pattern onto itself, it is a fun pattern to change color on. Make each cluster the same color, or alternate the color every other cluster. You can even change the colors within each cluster to give it a unique look. Anyway you look at it, it is a fun bracelet to make.

A picture of the Starburst Bracelet

Rainbow Loom Patterns - Starburst bracelet

A video tutorial to make the Starburst Bracelet

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Starburst Bracelet

1) Starburst

2) 27 Whites Elastics, 6 Red Elastics, 6 Orange Elastics, 0-8 White for extension, 1 Clip, 6 Yellow Elastics, 6 Green Elastics, 6 Blue Elastics, 6 Purple Elastics

3) Position Loom so arrow is pointing up

4) Starting on the bottom center peg, place white elastics along the right side and end on the top center peg

5) Place the elastics in a similar fashion along the left side

6) Place the elastics in clusters clockwise in the following order:


5 1

4 2



7) Twist a white elastic and place onto top center peg

8) Twist a white elastic and place onto the center peg of each cluster

9) Turn loom around so arrow is pointing down

10) Loop the bottom elastic (1) of each cluster to the center, then loop the remaining elastics from the center peg to the outside pegs


5 1

4 2


11) Starting at the bottom middle peg, loop the white elastics along the right side ending on the top center peg

12) Repeat this looping process for the white elastics along the left side

13) Place the tip of the loom tool through all the elastics on the top center peg

14) Place a white elastic onto the hook of the loom tool, then pull half way through, and loop elastic onto the tool

15) Carefully, pull the pattern complete from the loom

16) Rotate the loom so the arrows are pointing up, then place the extension elastics

17) Remove the pattern from the loom tool, and place onto top 2 pegs of the extension

18) Rotate loom so arrow is pointing up, then loop the extension elastics

19) Attach the Clip onto the top elastics on the extension

20) Pull extension from the loom, and attach other end of pattern onto the Clip

21) Starburst