Spiral Bracelet


Skill Level: Beginner

Supplies Required: 13 Green, 12 White, 1 clip, 0 to 8 elastics for extension

Description: This pattern is made up of 2 Single bracelet patterns twisted together in a Spiral. It is another good bracelet to start working with after mastering the single bracelet.

A picture of the Spiral Bracelet

Rainbow Loom Patterns - Spiral bracelet

A video tutorial to make the Spiral Bracelet

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Spiral Bracelet

1) Spiral

2) 13 Green, 12 White,0 to 8 for Extension, 1 Clip

3) Position the loom so the arrows are pointing up

4) Place a white elastic between the bottom left peg and the bottom center peg

5) Stetch a green elastic between the bottom middle peg, and the left 2nd peg

6) Cross a white elastic over the green elastic

7) Repeat with alternating colors:

- stretch with one color, and cross with the other color.

8) Double up a green elastic, and place on the top left peg

9) Rotate the loom so the arrows are pointing down

10) Working from bottom to top, loop the elastics onto its paired peg

11) Place the final white elastic onto the top center peg

12) Place the loom tool through all the elastics on the top center peg

13) Place a white elastic onto the hook, pull through, and loop onto the loom tool

14) Carefully, pull the entire pattern from the loom

15) Rotate the loom so the arrows are pointing up, and place the extension elastics

16) Remove the pattern from the tool, and place onto top pegs of the extension

17) Rotate loom so arrows are pointing down, and loop the extension

18) Attach a Clip to the top loop of the extension, and pull extension from the loom

19) Attach the other end of the pattern to the Clip

20) Spiral