Single Bracelet


Skill Level: Beginner

Supplies Required: 25 elastic bands, 1 Clip

Description: This is a good bracelet to begin working on the Loom. It is simple to lay the elastics, and very easy to redo if an elastic accidentally pops off. The pattern is the bracelet. It is also the foundation for creating extensions for many other bracelets. It is also very easy to make longer or shorter because you can add or remove elastics by hand if needed. This is also the popular pattern for making necklaces because it requires the least amount of elastics for the pattern.

A picture of the Single Bracelet

Rainbow Loom Patterns - Single bracelet

A video tutorial to make the Single Bracelet

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Single Bracelet

1) Single

2) 13 Elastics, 12 Elastics, 1 Clip

3) Position loom so arrow is pointing up

4) In a zig-zag fashion, place the elastics on the pegs as shown, alternating colors from the bottom to the top

5) Turn loom so arrow is pointing down

6) Starting with the second elastic, loop the elastic to the next peg. Continue looping to the top of the loom

7) Attach the clip to the elastic loop on the top center peg

8) Carefully pull the pattern completely from the loom

9) Attach the clip to the loop on the other end of the bracelet

10) Single