Double Rhombus Bracelet


Skill Level: Intermediate

Supplies Required: 32 Yellow elastic, 30 Green, 1 Clip, 0 to 8 elastics for extension

Description: Similar to the Single Rhombus, the Double Rhombus bracelet has 2 sets of rhombi. Another name for this pattern is the double caterpillar.

A picture of the Double Rhombus Bracelet

Rainbow Loom Patterns - Double Rhombus bracelet

A video tutorial to make the Double Rhombus Bracelet

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Double Rhombus Bracelet

1) Double Rhombus

2) 32 Yellow, 30 Green, 0-8 Yellow for extension, 1 Clip

3) Position the loom so the arrow is pointing up

4) Place 2 yellow elastics as shown

5) Working left to right, place 5 elastics of the same color in a "W" pattern, then ending with an elastic in the middle

...repeat "W" pattern alternating colors to top of loom...

6) Turn loom around so arrow in pointing down

7) The elastics now form an "M". Loop as follows:

- middle elastic up

- left elastic up

- right elastic up

- middle elastic to the left

- middle elastic to the right

... repeat almost to the top...

8) Loop the last 2 elastics to the center peg

9) Place the loom tool through all elastics on the top center peg

10) Place an extension elastic onto the hook, pull half way through the elastics, and loop onto tool

11) Carefully, pull the pattern completely from the loom

12) Turn loom so arrow is point up, and place elastics for extension

13) Remove tool from pattern, and place loop onto top pegs of the extension

14) Turn loom so arrow is pointing down, and loop the extension as shown

15) Place Clip onto top loop of the extension then pull extension from the loom

16) Place the 4 loops of the other end of the pattern onto the Clip

17) Double Rhombus