3 Pin Fishtail Bracelet


Skill Level: Intermediate

Supplies Required: Approximately 7 elastic bands per inch, 1 clip

Description: Fishtails are nice patterns which do not require extension pieces. They can be made as long as you want on a single loom, and is classified as an off-the-loom pattern, where the pattern flows off the loom as more elastics are added to the pattern. This pattern is also know as the 3 pin hexafish.

A picture of the 3 Pin Fishtail Bracelet

Rainbow Loom Patterns - 3 Pin Fishtail bracelet

A video tutorial to make the 3 Pin Fishtail Bracelet

Step-by-Step Instructions for the 3 Pin Fishtail Bracelet

1) 3 Pin Fishtail

2) About 7 Elastics per inch, 7 White, 12 Light Green , 12 Dark Green, 12 Aqua, 7 Blue,1 Clip

3) We will be using 3 Pegs of the loom

4) Place a white elastic onto all 3 pegs

5) Place the Clip onto all 3 strands of the elastic (use loom tool to help)

6) - slide elastics down

- place next elastic onto pegs

- loop bottom elastic over top on all 3 pegs


Color sequence...white, light green,dark green, aqua, blue, aqua, dark green, light green, white

7) Once we have the desired length, we remove pattern by placing tip through all 3 loops from top

to bottom

8) Attach the Clip to all 3 loops on the tool, then remove tool

9) 3 Pin Fishtail