About Rainbow Loom Patterns


We pride ourselves with having the best collection of unique loom patterns on the internet for the Rainbow Loom, Cra-Z-Loom and FunLoom. Our initial focus will be bracelets, and we will be introducing other patterns shortly, such as rings and charms.

Single Loom Patterns

All the patterns we have on our site can be made on one loom. There are patterns which require more than one loom, but we will currently setting our focus on single loom patterns.


We are gathering all the popular patterns we can find, and placing them here for a simple, centralized location.

Not just Rainbow Loom

The Rainbow Loom is just one of the looms customers could purchase. We are not affiliated with the Rainbow Loom product and support other looms. Other looms include the Cra-Z-Loom (or Crazyloom), Loom Bands, Bandaloom or the FunLoom. Although most of our patterns were made on the Rainbow Loom, they can easily be made on other looms as well.

Easy to follow Instructional Videos

We have links to videos on youtube which have been produced in a professional manner to ensure there is a consistent and uniformed look and flow. All our videos are shot in High Definition (HD), with professional equipment. No camera shake, no out-of-focus frames, no distractions from the information you are looking for...the best how-to videos possible.

And easy to follow

There are other Rainbow Loom Patterns websites, but ours is one of the most connected. You can follow us using the following social media methods:

Youtube, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Email

Our social media links are located at the bottom of each of our pages!


We picked up our supplies from a number of outlets. Michaels is a good place to start, offering Loom Kits, books and storage cases. Some additional outlets which sell supplies are Learning Express and Scholar's Choice. You can also buy online at the creator's site, rainbowloom.com. The Cra-Z-Loom and elastics can be purchased at Toys-R-Us. The Funloom can be purchased online. Additional Loom kits out there include the Deluxe Combo Loom Kit, Wonder Loom, Cool Rainbow Loom. You can also pick up elastics from small outlets such as dollar stores. Storage cases can be purchased at the above mentioned outlets, however hardware stores or fabric stores sell cases which are very well suited to store elastics, looms, and finished patterns.

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